Our Services

  • Ages 7-10

    21 US dollars
  • for brand-new beginners to pole fitness & dance

    Starts Dec 3

    175 US dollars
  • learn climbs and sits before pursuing Pole 2

    27.50 US dollars
  • participants must know static climbs and basic sits

    27.50 US dollars
  • taken before Pole 3 for basic inverts and leg hangs

    27.50 US dollars
  • tip and tricks about spin pole with moves exclusively designed for it

    27.50 US dollars
  • Review for those back from hiatus or an expedited lesson in leg hangs

    27.50 US dollars
  • Individual lesson with one instructor

    80 US dollars

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Floorplay Studio

Building II of Hockessin Crossing

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1127 Valley Rd

2nd Floor, Suite 202

Hockessin, DE 19707