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A Maid of Honor's Guide to Planning the Best Bachelorette Party

When you're planning the bachelorette party, you want it to be unique and memorable. There are a bunch of outdated and overdone bachelorette party ideas, so you want this one to stand out from the rest and be a total surprise for the bride to be.
Kitschy games and trips to the club aren't your only options for party planning. Consider Floorplay Studio to host your bachelorette party and with our collaborative ideas, really blow the wedding party away!
Keep sweating for the wedding! Fun fitness classes that are social won't make you feel miserable by the end. Barre and Zumba are popular options, but you may want to try something a little more fun and flirty.
A half hour pole dancing for fitness class can burn as many calories as an aerobics or calisthenics class and can also promote weight loss over a long period of time.
Don't be afraid to embrace your sexy side at Floorplay Studio.
We offer both regular classes and accommodations for bachelorette parties and special events.

Party tips

If you booked an early party, be careful not to party too hard the night before. Twirling around a pole with a hangover can be a real nightmare.

Save the fancy pedicure for after your party because you may scratch and chip your toe nail polish on the floors while you are movin' and groovin'. You may need your feet rubbed afterward anyway!

Don't forget your cameras. You WILL want to document your new skills and night out with the girls. Be sure to post them on Facebook! Your instructor may even show you a few sultry poses to send to a significant other.

Want to dance to your favorite beats? Create a playlist for your party! You are welcome to bring your own music. We have a standard aux cable that plugs into iPhones, Androids, iPads, mp3 players, etc. Bluetooth is available most weekends.
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