Pole Dance Classes

So you've started your pole hobby and want to either add some sexy to your practice or want to simply engage in something a little more challenging. We've got the classes for you!
Wear something comfortable you can dance, squat, bend over, and move your hips in. Comfortable workout clothes – shorts, leggings, tank tops, sports bras, etc. work well. Outfits that make you feel sexy are welcome, though they should not restrict your movement or require you to constantly readjust.
Stripper shoes are required and available for purchase in the studio. If this is your first time dancing in heels, we recommend wearing 6″ stiletto heels. Closed-toe boots (instead of sandals or open toe shoes) offer more stability. Shoes should be comfortable enough to dance in; try walking around at home first for familiarity.
Not every course or class will be available at all times. If you are interested in a class that is not currently offered, please call or email to let use know there is a demand. Semi-privates are available with as few as six people -- design your own group class (eg. Pole Flow, Competition Choreo 101, etc).
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- - Optional Curriculum - -

Level 1

break in those exotic platforms

Kitten Heels & Floorwerk

Students are guided through various movement & freestyle exercises. Many elements of this class are inspired by essential primal movements. We get down and dirty with some sexy floorwork! Elements of multiple dance styles make this an awesome flexibility practice and a nice core workout.


Students will be introduced to basic handstands & tumbling including shoulder rolls, cartwheels, headstands & handstands. Instructors will also challenge students to simple “floor phrases” to put some of these interesting movements together as an addition to your pole dancing routines.


Recommended that students be able to do at least one (1) pull-up prior to attending this class.



Level 2, heels recommended

improv choreo changes every class

Bespoke Bounce

This beginner/any level class is more relaxed and lets the students pick by unanimous vote what music to dance to throughout the lesson, which then gives them the freedom to come up with their own moves to teach to the class. Each student gets to come up with one move and we combine them by the end of class into a custom choreography as unique as the students who meet that evening!

Image by Brian Lawson


Level 1.5

Pole + Cabaret = Polesque love!

Polesque & Pole-ography

Learn how to incorporate the art of the tease into your pole routine! This eight-week series will go over burlesque-style performance techniques and teach you a pole dance choreography that incorporates burlesque and striptease.


Prerequisite: Beginner Pole Foundations (first four weeks of Beginner Pole Series).

Costume requirements will be discussed on the first week of class but expect to need heels, gloves, thigh-high stockings, and a top and bottom to remove. 

Pole-ography is similar, yet the stripping element is optional. Series are typically themed.



Level 2+, heels recommended

get out of your comfort zone

Exotic Pole

Come unleash your power in a fun, choreography-based heels class. At this level we will explore more intricate transitions, dynamic flows, drops, flips, etc.

These classes are lively and sexy! Recommended after 6+ months. Bring kneepads & legwarmers (not provided, but available for sale)… and most importantly, don’t forget to let your hair down. Layered clothing works well in this class.

Western Exotic Pole includes a short, choreographed routine taught on static pole with a free flow portion at the end.



Level 1.5

kneepads, leggings, or OTK socks recommended

Heels of Grace

Just LOVE to dance? This class focuses on dance technique with a few tricks and is perfect for all students who love routines. We will show you some variations of tricks you might already know and put them into new combinations before adding them a fully choreographed routine.

Utilizing both pole and floor flows without focusing on tricks to build fluidity in your dancing and keep you moving! The lower-body and core-strengthening exercises will help tone and tighten as well as build strength that will help with on-the-pole moves. 



Level 3+, heels recommended

Cardio Poling

Techno & Technique

This high-energy class focused on fun will have pulsing power, flow, and technical tweaks for the student who wants to hone their skills while having a blast!

Image by Brian Lawson