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A little about us...

"The arts are a challenging and under-appreciated field. However, I believe very deeply in the importance of creative work for individuals/communities and for social change. We need more art in the world - not merely for entertainment, but for the well-being of our communities, to reconnect to the self, and to foster a more universal and inclusive language. Being an artist is a constant risk, but one that is well worth the moments of inspiration that allow us to create, perform, share, teach and inspire.​"

-- Ruth McConnell, owner

Our Mission

We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and client-centered services for people in all stages of life and health. 


Private parties, group classes, semi-privates, and one-on-one appointments all receive our full attention and dedication. We want you staying safe, having fun, and feeling comfortable in your body as you discover your potential (along with muscles you never knew you had). Pole classes are available to ages 7 through 70 and all body types that can do a push up. If you can do a push up, you can pole! The competition-grade, brass poles have both spin and static options and support 1,080 pounds. Are you a professional couch potato? We got you. Already a professional athlete? You'll still meet a challenge by experiencing a pole class. No self-doubt necessary! No matter your reason to start pole, you are welcome and we are so happy to have you as part of our studio family.



Support and love are human actions. We're not interested in 'de-gendering' anything. We're interested in expanding ideas about who can do what! It's all about growth and the future; will you join us?


Dancers who are non-binary, transgender, gender-fluid, gender-nonconforming, or still discovering their gender identities are very welcome. Simply let us know your preferred pronouns (and we're not asking you to out yourself in front of class; you can e-mail us first) and keep us updated if at any time your pronouns change.


Cliché, but true... this is a space for artists to be themselves. Whether you're coming in to find a new sport, get in touch with your sexy side, just getting the hell out of the house, or trying to tone/condition so you're not winded on the stairs (for example)... we have classes for you.

Our curriculum's class offerings are strength-focused, dance-focused, tricks-based, and conditioning-based. Check our our class diversity on the registration page.

New to Pole? Everyone starts with Beginner Pole. If you are currently unable to perform one push up (even with your knees down), come to conditioning or stretch classes next door at Floorplay Dance Center before the official start of your pole journey at Floorplay Studio.

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