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"The arts are a challenging and under-appreciated field. However, I believe very deeply in the importance of creative work for individuals/communities and for social change. We need more art in the world - not merely for entertainment, but for the well-being of our communities, to reconnect to the self, and to foster a more universal and inclusive language. Being an artist is a constant risk, but one that is well worth the moments of inspiration that allow us to create, perform, share, teach and inspire.​"

-- Ruth McConnell, owner

Our Mission

We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and client-centered services for people in all stages of life and health. 


We specialize in hosting private parties and group fitness classes. Floorplay Studio is committed to providing a safe, classy, and fun environment for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our diverse classes are known for being non-judgmental and comfortable to cater to the everyday, average individual - no experience or self-doubt necessary! It's a safe haven to get a great workout and enjoy "me-time".

The staff and instructors at Floorplay Studio are fun, down-to-earth humans who have a love of dance and fitness. Each instructor is appropriately educated and trained in their area of dance or fitness and is responsible for upholding the studio's superior safety standards.

Look for online classes until we open October 2020!

Virtual Workout


Support and love are human actions. We're not interested in 'de-gendering' anything. We're interested in expanding ideas about who can do what! It's all about growth and the future; will you join us?


Dancers who are non-binary, transgender, gender-fluid, gender-nonconforming, or still discovering their gender identities are very welcome. Simply let us know your preferred pronouns (and we're not asking you to out yourself in front of class; you can e-mail us first) and keep us updated if at any time your pronouns change.

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Floorplay Studio

Building II of Hockessin Crossing

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