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History & Future of Pole Dance & Fitness

An education about pole styles:

  • Pole Dance – usually heels, with sexy music, and “performance” choreography.

            Sub-category of pole dance: Exotic Dance (aka dancing in strip clubs). This is the stigma that, sadly, people associate with pole fitness.

  • Pole Fitness – usually barefoot, to any kind of music you want, and focused on athleticism. Offered in a private studio or gym setting that is lead by certified and skilled instructors.

  • PoleSport – for all genders, the competitive side of Pole Fitness taken to professional levels. Categories include artistic style and athleticism - a test of true strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Poles have been used for centuries for acrobatics and circus tricks. The 50’s and 60’s created the stigma we know today about “pole dancing”. It wasn’t until the 1990s that pole re-introduced itself, lifting this exciting form of exercise out of bars and into fitness studios around the world. The first competition was held in NYC in 2007. Now, pole competitions are worldwide.
Today, pole dancing draws influence from dance, gymnastics, and circus arts. Dance styles can run the gamut from sporty to sensual. Pole is an excellent way to build strength, improve flexibility, enhance coordination, increase endurance and lose weight all while boosting your self-confidence.

Let’s dispel common misconceptions about pole fitness:

Exotic Dancing is a form of Pole Dancing but not all Pole Dancing is Exotic Dance. Pole Fitness allows us to strip the negative connotation and make it an acceptable form of strength conditioning, even a sport. PoleSport is the competitive side of Pole Fitness. There are efforts being made to incorporate PoleSport into the Olympics.

Why Pole?

We get high from empowering students to build confidence and body acceptance.

Does poling make you feel sexy? Beautiful? Athletic? Powerful? Let loose and show us! Floorplay Studio is a safe place for all humans to express themselves in forms otherwise unavailable to them, with a supportive environment and accepting atmosphere.


One 4-week series offers a head-to-toe workout. Classes concentrate on fitness and never resemble a bachelor party. You lift your own body weight in motion seeing results quickly without your muscles getting bored or tired.

You’ll be distracted by the fun you’re having to even notice you’re getting a thorough workout.


You see results, you FEEL results – and not just physically. In the studio, the mental component is always stronger than how we look in the mirror. How the students leave the studio is inspiring. They always tell us how good they feel – strong, fabulous and wanting more.

The shy ones from the beginning are constantly fighting for their spin on the pole now.

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