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Pole Instructor Certification

  • To take this course, you should have wide knowledge of pole moves and currently be working near or at an advanced level
  • Live trainings are sixteen hours over two days
  • Receive your Certificate of Completion after passing your post-training written and practical exam
  • Bring home our extensive training manual
  • Earn 1.6 ACE CECs or 15 AFAA CECs!
  • Approved by ACE, AFAA, the PFA and the PDC!
  • ACE approved Home study course available​
  • Live trainings available internationally
  • As always, our course is provided in a professional, loving, supportive, and non- judgmental atmosphere for new as well as seasoned teachers!

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Live Training (currently unavailable)
Become more confident in your teaching skills!

This dynamic, sixteen-hour training (over two days) consists of lecture, group exercises, demonstrations, hands-on learning activities, and practical teaching experiences. Each participant will receive an extensive training manual and will leave the training with a newfound confidence in their teaching skills. Students will need to pass a five-page written and extensive practical exam to receive their certificate. Testing is not part of the 16 hour weekend; it occurs after you have returned home.

~ Six Student Minimum is Required ~

Home Study Course ($550 anytime / Buddy Online $1000)

The home study program was designed for the independent and self-motivated learner. It is available for those who can not travel to a live training. It consists of a color 70-page manual which contains numerous self-led learning activities, an answer key, a pacing guide, a copy of the PFA Visual Dictionary, and a copy of the test. You will also receive two hours worth of video education on DVD (also provided on Vimeo upon request) to supplement the text. Please note that these are amateur-shot HD videos. The information in the manual and videos is identical to what you would receive at a live training. These materials will be mailed to your home. In addition, complementary Skype sessions are available to aid in your learning.

Once you have finished studying, you will need to submit a written exam, a lesson plan, videos of yourself teaching (can be yourself just teaching to the video camera), and pictures of yourself in advanced inverted moves displaying progressions and suspensions. YouTube, Facebook, Email, or other video sharing services can be used to share your testing materials over the internet. You can email or even snail-mail your submissions if that is preferable. Some polers can finish their course and testing over a week, while others opt to take up to a year.  

Anatomy & Safety

​Muscle Awareness.– Primary muscles used for pole moves.

The Rotator Cuff & Scapular Stabilizers. Conditioning & Safety
Wrist/Hand/Forearm Anatomy. Conditioning/Safety

Knee Anatomy. Conditioning/Safety

Proper Alignment/Form/Posture. Posture analysis & cues

Stretching - 5 types with focus on dynamic stretching

Robust section on Spotting Techniques

Injury - Types/Prevention

Teaching Techniques
​PFA Terminology & Communication/Cueing
Deconstruction of Movement: – ABCs, Add-ons, Tips, Modifications
Suspensions & Slow-Motion
Inversion Readiness Tests
Techniques For Teaching Inversions
Learning Styles
Face Toward, Face Away

Inside Your Classroom

Classroom Management: Common Concerns & Solutions
Teacher as Role-Model
Classroom Vibe

Class Structure

Pre-Class Set-Up
Starting Class
Warm Up
Class Body/Timing chart
Ending Class

Putting It All Together

Sample Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan Template​

Conditioning Tutorial & Alignment Look-Fors​


Required: Beginner Skills

Floor work
Slides to the floor
Basic pole sit
Upright crucifix

Basic walk
Step and hook
Strength building exercises
Step around (Squat spin/Dip Spin)
Hip rolls
Two handed simple spins (Fireman, Front Hook, Back Hook)

Required: Intermediate Pole Skills

One-handed spins
Combo spins
Basic inverts
Inside/outside leg hangs
Inverted thigh hold
Inverted crucifix
Reverse grab
Wrist sit
Basic butterfly
Cross knee release
Spinning chopper

Recommended: Advanced Pole Skills
Extended butterfly
Shoulder mount
Superwoman (Superman)
Caterpillar Climb


Knee hold
Aysha (split, forearm, or elbow grip)

Inverted Strong Hold (Brass Monkey)

When You Sign up, You agree:

DISCOVERIES DANCE WAIVER & RELEASE: My participation in this class / workshop is truly voluntary and at my own risk. To the best of my knowledge, my health information provided is accurate. I take responsibility for any activity that I participate in. I hereby release respective owners, instructors, and assigns from any liability for any claims, demands, injuries, actions, or causes of actions to my person or property arising out of or connected with the use of any services, equipment, or facilities provided by Discoveries Dance or any Discoveries Dance instructor. I furthermore understand the activities may involve physically strenuous exercise and risk of bodily injury and I accept full responsibility for any activity I engage in with Discoveries Dance or any Discoveries Dance instructors. I have carefully read with a full, definite, and clear understanding the foregoing provisions and freely enter into the written agreement of the waiver/release.

Instructor Training Registration

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