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Pole Fitness Classes

For a workout unlike any other... Pole fitness is designed for strength and core training. It enhances flexibility and body awareness while building natural poise and confidence. Adults of all ages, all body types, and all fitness levels are welcome. Join us for the most fun you'll have while getting fit!

All instructors are trained and qualified fitness professionals which gives them an edge in understanding muscle physiology and conditioning which will help you build upper body and core strength.  

Men, you are welcome in our classes! Perhaps what you need is a challenge, something that doesn't involve complicated machines, bulky equipment, or boring repetitions. A distinctive fitness experience like this does exist and it requires only yourself, a positive attitude, and... a pole.
Not every course or class will be available at all times. If you are interested in a class that is not currently offered, please call or email to let use know there is a demand. Semi-privates are available with as few as six people -- design your own group class (eg. Men's Pole, Sassy Seniors, teen strength training).
Wish to book a party? Click here for more information.

- - Curriculum - -


Level 1, barefoot

eight-week series for safety's sake

Pole Basics

This is where the addiction begins, introducing you to the artistry of pole dancing - an empowering form of dance and movement designed to connect you with the sensual feminine spirit while getting in shape. The class will feature an introduction to beginner pole spins, tricks, and climbs and integrate transitional moves that combine the pole and dance into flow movement. You do not need to have any experience.

Classes incorporate a fun & flirty warm up/cool down. We build dance work, transitions, floor work, and pole spins. Strength training and stretching will round out your exercise, providing you with a great workout that will increase your muscle tone and flexibility. 




Level 1.5, barefoot

shorts are required


Focuses on conditioning and familiarity of various climbs and pole sits.

Stay in this class until your bruise sites have developed tolerance and you've gained a hands-free pole sit or hands-free crucifix. Come weekly to acclimate appropriately to the pole.

All students must wear shorts no longer than two inches at the inseam; sleeveless or tank top recommended.


All grip aids are welcome in class but footwear is not; grip aids are available for purchase in the studio. As always, avoid lotion/oil/gel/cream/self-tanner application since your last shower. Graduates may enroll in Pole 2.




Level 2, heels optional

*confident* beginner

Pole 2

This beginner to intermediate level class is perfect for those who are building/perfecting their foundation in pole fitness. This class format focuses on spins, transitions/combinations, floor work, and movement around the pole and working towards inversions.


Each class includes a flowing warm up, pole curriculum/instruction, and ending in free dance/practice. This course is designed for those who want to reinforce and perfect technique in the basics of pole movement.

This level requires a degree of confidence in working independently.

Veterans of Pole 2 and Kitten Heels may bring their dance shoes.



tall logos (1).png

Level 2, heels optional

low flow introduction

Pole Flow

Looking to transform your favorite pole poses and spins into a fluid freestyle or choreography? 


This class is for the student looking to level up their pole moves and body awareness as we work on stylized pole combos, floorwork skills, freestyle techniques, and body isolations. In Pole Flow, we will work on combining both pole and floor flows, without relying heavily on pole tricks, to build fluidity in your dancing and keep you moving!


This dance-based exercise will give you a full-body workout as we build strength and confidence that will help with on-the-pole moves.​

  • Legwarmers, long socks, or knee pads may be used for floor work.




Level 2.5, barefoot

demands a strong core

Inversion Training

Using the strength developed thus far, we begin to defy gravity. Inverting on the pole offers a full body workout, with greater emphasis on building abdominal, shoulder, and back strength. Also introduced here are fewer points of contact (some even hands-free!)


Here the student will focus on gaining strength and flexibility needed in order to perform specific moves and tricks with two or three points of contact.


Repeatable until the student feels comfortable upside down and transitioning into and out of an inverted crucifix as well as at least five of the ten basic leg hangs presented in this class.




Level 3, heels optional

demands a strong single-hand grip

Spinning Pole

You are a true pole addict now! This class is taught exclusively on a pole in spin mode. Additional points of contact are emphasized as well as momentum control. 

We will work on entrances/exits from the pole and build combinations that flow effortlessly around a spinning pole. Spin Pole makes everything more graceful and beautiful from all angles.

This class is for the experienced poler, designed to challenge your technique on a spinning pole while enhancing your overall performance. 

At this level, students qualify for the Teacher Training Program.




Pole Tricks

level 3/4, heels optional

spinning and static fortés

This class teaches various pole tricks. Your instructor will show variations and conditioning moves if you are unable to do certain moves. It is required you can climb, sit hold and do basic inverts without assistance before you take this class.

Combinations will take students from the floor to the ceiling, encouraging usage of the 13 feet of pole we have at Floorplay Studio.

Heels optional. Exposed skin is necessary! Please make sure you wear something that shows your arms, inner thighs, and waist.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this class is unavailable.




level 4/5, heels optional

spinning and static fortés

This class is open to those ready to start building up a repertoire of complex tricks. Your body will continue to transform as you generate more strength in your abs, core, and upper body while mastering different climbs, inversions, high flying acrobatic pole tricks, more difficult inversions, and powerful spins combos. There is no limit to the pole tricks you can try!

An emphasis on body awareness, safety, and specified points of contact will allow students to flow through multiple advanced inversions, spins, and drops. The ability to climb to the ceiling with ease, comfortably invert in the air, and experience with spin pole required.​

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this class is unavailable.

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