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Pole FAQs


Who can come to classes?

Pole Fitness classes are open to anyone age 18 and over, of all sizes, shapes, genders, and fitness levels. Classes are taught so that everyone is successful, no matter what your athletic experience. 

Students should be in healthy condition. Classes are NOT suitable for pregnant women. 


Why no body lotions, oils, or jewelry?

Creams, lotions, and oils stay in the pores of your skin and become greasy, which transfers to the pole making it slippery and dangerous. Do not wear any body creams or lotions on the day of your session. These also create a slippery layer on the floor, thus making it dangerous to walk. The floorboards can also swell and create a dangerous (and sometimes painful!) poling experience.

We don't allow wrist, neck, or hand jewelry of any kind. These items could scratch the pole, damage your jewelry, and affect your grip.


Is Pole Fitness safe?

Pole fitness is surely safe when following the directions of a trained instructor and your own common sense. It is imperative that you listen to the messages of your own body such as exhaustion or overextension in order to avoid injury. Also, it is extremely important that you choose the correct class for your level of experience.

Whilst it is possible to injure yourself within any sport (or just existing as a human), at Floorplay Studio, we try to minimize the possibility of injury by applying a carefully balanced program. At the basic level of Pole Fitness training, the muscles are only lightly strained. This way muscle strength is built gradually and coordination will improve. After the basic level is properly covered, techniques that require more strength and experience will be introduced. 

All classes are taught with a warm-up, conditioning, cool down, and stretch. If anything hurts, let your instructor know immediately. You will probably be a little sore after the first few classes, but as you work your arms and core in pole fitness, you will be amazed how quickly you get stronger!

What should I bring and wear to my session?

The only thing you need to bring to class is your beautiful self and water. It is recommended that you wear something that you can move & feel comfortable in. Shorter workout shorts with a sports bra and tank top are a good choice, as it's important to have bare arms and legs in order to get a good grip on the pole. Shoes are a non-issue for introductory classes, as we pole barefoot.


How soon do I need to register?

We recommend that you register as soon as possible. Registration closes 12 hours before class. No spaces will be reserved without payment. All instructors reserve the right to turn away any groups and or students that did not pre-register due to limited space.


What if I need to cancel?

All deposits and payments are non-refundable. In the case of an emergency, the student may transfer to another day or session (of an unfilled class) with prior notification at least 24 hours before scheduled course or session. Make-ups need to be arranged BEFORE your package expiration is over or they will be lost...NO EXCEPTIONS.  Make-Up WILL NOT be honored if you did not reschedule on the portal.


Is there any nudity?

NO! We may use props and extra layers of clothing to simulate a tease in certain classes but this is a FITNESS STUDIO so we are here to workout and have FUN in a safe, friendly, and non-judgmental environment. You can wear whatever you like if it makes you feel sexy but NO NUDITY... NO EXCEPTIONS! Undergarments are required.


I already have pole experience. Do I still need to take Pole Basics first?

Not necessarily. We suggest starting in Climbing class to get acquainted with our teaching style, the names of moves, and how our classes operate. If you would prefer to start at a different level, please e-mail or call and speak with someone. We can assign you to the appropriate level classes. We welcome professional dancers, however, our classes are designed mostly for beginner and intermediate participants and are structured for fitness purposes and fun. If that sounds like something you need, then please join us. If you want help learning specific pole tricks and/or techniques, private lessons would be best. If there is a demand in the future, we will offer more advanced training in small groups.

Should I bring my high heels to pole class?

Pole Basics is barefoot. As for the other classes, heels are not required --  especially for those of you with no pole dance experience. You will work your way up to adding the weight of the heels to your workout if you would like to use them later on. Heels look great but make it harder, initially. Street shoes are not allowed; you will be allowed to wear only heels that you hand carry in and have a proper rubber bottom, as they are safer and appropriate for this workout. Regular high heels are not allowed. 

Is there a changing room in the studio? Showers?

There are ADA restrooms on the same floor. We have cubbies for your personal belongings. There are NO showers on premises.

Are men allowed in Pole Dancing Classes?

Men have been participating in the pole fitness community more and more so we welcome serious male fitness participants because pole dancing is a great way to build strength, power, endurance, and coordination which can be helpful for many athletic participants. A separate program is developed especially for both sexes to suit muscle growth and strength. Men are welcome in any of of our intermediate-level classes or co-ed practice sessions. We also offer packages of private lessons if our Co-ed class time doesn't fit your schedule. Men may also form their own group (semi-private) Pole Fitness class with their friends…minimum of 3 friends, max 11.


Can I see your facility or watch a class before I register for a class, party or decide to do private training?

To protect the privacy of our students, we do not allow any spectators or interruptions during classes, private parties, etc... NO EXCEPTIONS.  We offer drop-in rates on specifically marked days so you can take ONE class if you want to test the water and see if you like it.  You are welcome to stop by the studio in between classes to see the studio (view the schedule for times). We prefer that you PLEASE call or email to set up an appointment/tour that will allow us to give you the proper attention you deserve. Pictures will be available in our website gallery.


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