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Owner, Lead Instructor

Ruth has been immersed in the world of arts from the age of 4, beginning with ballet, tap, and jazz. She brings thirteen years of instruction and competition to her teaching with concurrent yoga, ballroom dance, and fitness pursuits. She believes in movement as both a healing art and as a form of personal expression. There is a strong focus on correct alignment and form. Variations for poses and sequences allow for all levels to find an appropriate balance of challenge and comfort while developing inner awareness.


"No matter what shape, size, age, or skill level... everyone supports each other and becomes a family. It is important that the students taking a pole class feel comfortable with their bodies and external interpretation of who they are inside. If there is any way to help improve your self-awareness and confidence, I will strive to get you there."

Affiliations: United States Pole Dance Federation

 Pole Fitness Alliance

    American Pole Fitness Association

         Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology


Certified! Ruth is also available for private and semi-private instruction.

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Pole Flow

Ashley's pole journey began in 2016 while exploring different dance styles in an effort to explore movement and gain flexibility. She fell in love with the versatility that pole dance offered and loved how it helped her to build strength, grace, and confidence. Her personal teaching philosophy focuses on "safety, style, and smiles" as she aims to help her students discover and develop their own personal dance style while remaining safe and having fun.

Ashley is XPERT 1 & 2 certified.




Bio coming soon.

Femmeography will resume in January '23.



Vinyasa Yoga

As a queer, cisgendered, non-disabled white woman, I do my best to use my varying privileges and identities to help dismantle oppression and create a more just world for all.

I spend most of my professional time at Rise Collective, a digital marketing agency that harnesses the power of media to create lasting social change. 

I’m proud to serve as a board member of GaneshSpace, a nonprofit and community dedicated to collective liberation by bridging mindfulness and social justice.  Outside of my marketing and advocacy work, I teach yoga and meditation, lead retreats in the U.S. and abroad, and have been a co-host and producer of two podcasts related to inequity and inaccessibility in Westernized yoga and wellness.

Yoga will resume in January '23.



Pole 3

Claire started pole dancing in 2015, coming from a background of gymnastics and pole vaulting. High-flying flippy tricks are her favorite things about pole, but she has dabbled in many aspects of pole, from the heels and sultry side to flowy barefoot dance. She loves to help students on the path to nailing that next big move and is here to spot, physically and/or emotionally.


Claire is Elevated Levels 1 & 2 certified.  

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Belly Dance

Khuzama is an award-winning professional belly dancer, instructor and entertainer. She has performed and taught the art of Egyptian and Lebanese dance all over the country for over 15 years. She is also a choreographer that draws her influences from modern and classical Egyptian style, fusion with a hint of Lebanese style dance. Well versed in the intricacies of where culture and dance meet, she has in depth knowledge of the history, folkloric traditions and modern stylizations of dance.

Belly Dance will resume in January '23.



Slay N' Slow Motion

Wassup, beauties??? It's ya girl Nisiyah and I'm here to help you unleash your inner bad Gyal. With some beginner-friendly dance moves that will have you feeling Sexy & Sultry... all it takes is "You" exploring every curve on your body and I'm going to show you how to release the cares of the world to just enjoy being beautifully you.

Slay N' Slow Motion is temporarily unavailable.



Inversion Training

Bio coming soon.



Hoop Dance

My name is Lindsay and I've been hula hooping for 10 years. 

Hooping has made such a positive impact on my life -- both mentally and physically. I want to create a safe space for everyone to enjoy... to express themselves and teach others how to dance at every skill level and connect to their own body. Community and supporting individuals in their growth means so much to me. I hope everyone who takes my class finds a new and exciting way to express themselves. Lets create art through movement, come flow with me!



Pole 2

Poling for Introverts

Hi, polers! My name is Tess or Sunnii (sunny). Either way I'm here to brighten your day! I've been poling for 4 years going on 5 and I love it! It is everything fitness and finesse for me -- empowering and *so* much fun. I love teaching and I'm excited to be back at the home studio where I started my journey. Let's dance!!!

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Guest Instructor for Autumn '22 - Jo Wall

Jo Wall is a New Jersey artist who has been dancing almost 15 years with a focus in multiple styles of dance. She currently is a student with the Salimpour School of Dance. She’s a certified Intermediate 1 and 2 dancer (formerly Suhaila Level 3 and Jamila Level 3) and is working on her Performance 1, or Level 400 course work in the Salimpour Institute. She loves learning and challenging herself to train harder and smarter.


You can catch her on Instagram dancing or lifting at brickhousebellydance.