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The Value of a Fitness Community

Peer motivation is powerful. A recent study showed that participants exercised 160% longer when in a group setting than those working with a partner, and 200% longer than those who were working out alone.

As humans (not just women), we operate best as a "pack." The power of camaraderie among students thrives at Floorplay Studio.

Here are five reasons why a fitness community is so important:

1. You get motivation and inspiration.

A support network among a tribe of peers who understand you and your goals helps you stay inspired, turning workouts into a more social activity. A community-centered environment in which people keep each other accountable and excited to come back for more is crucial to results. Leveraging the support of your community has the potential to produce an overflowing amount of encouragement and incentive to work harder.

2. Your intentions become reality.

Establishing our priorities sets an intention for our exercise accountability game plan. Knowing where you want to go and how to stay on the right path is what will drive you directly to your end destination. Surrounding yourself with people who exude positive energy and share similar goals will help you follow through with your intentions.

3. Accountability

Workout accountability gives you added incentive to stay committed to an exercise program. This is elevated when you have a group of people expecting you to show up for a workout. By joining a program of this nature, you will be more likely to stay invested, active, enthusiastic, and consistent than if you were solo at the gym. You’ll want to make the time knowing you have someone waiting for you. This promotes exploration to grow as an athlete, friend, and woman.

4. It makes you push harder.

female-only study found that women who exercise with friends burn around 236 calories, compared to the 195 calories burned during a solo session. Either enthusiasm is infectious or the motivation from the person ill next to you just rubs off!

5. It works both ways.

A fitness community essentially creates a way for you to feel supported and a way for you to exercise your support for others, which is highly effective in feeling connected and reciprocating encouragement.

6. It produces "non-scale" victories.

When you know your "team" or community is relying on you to show up and do your best, you are likely to achieve a feeling of accomplishment when you contribute to a group goal. This kind of mentality is effective in helping you focus your attention away from the scale. Being a part of a community promotes chatter about multiple topics, not just fitness.

Why tackle a challenge alone, when you can make friends who get it and want you to hit goals as much as you do? Being presented with the opportunity to build and be a part of a community focused on fitness empowers you to truly connect with people on an intimate level. Finding community support will not only get you through a challenging workout but will help you through life's challenges as well.

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