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Such a seductive, nude hue! We assure you that dancing in these knee pads will take you to the hot tropical latitudes where you will be able to enjoy the sun, the aroma of cocoa, and the taste of chocolate to the magnetizing rhythms of music. We are sure you will choose the model of knee pads, to which the heart lies.

Nude - Cocoa Grippy Kneepads

    • GRIP is a silicone coating, strong and secure;
    • Stick only to the pole, not limiting your movements on the ground;
    • QUEEN 3SideProtect technology – thorough protection of your knees from all sides;
    • Functional, removeable pads give you the possibility to create the ideal knee pads for your dancing style; prolong term of knee pads usage by changing with wear;
    • Adaptive to knee-caps to take the shape of any knee;
    • Smooth – give possibility to slide easily on the dance floor;
    • Vent hole from the inner side of the knee pad;
    • Cutting takes into account the anatomical features of the knee;
    • GRIP coating does not lose its stickiness, does not crack and does not break down;
    • Reinforced threads and accessories.
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