For a workout unlike any other... Pole fitness is designed for strength and core training. It enhances flexibility and body awareness while building natural poise and confidence. Adults of all ages, all body types, and all fitness levels are welcome. Join us for the most fun you'll have while getting fit!
Men, you are welcome in our classes! Perhaps what you need is a challenge, something that doesn't involve complicated machines, bulky equipment, or boring repetitions. A distinctive fitness experience like this does exist and it requires only yourself, a positive attitude, and... a pole.
Not every course or class will be available at all times. If you are interested in a class that is not currently offered, please call or email to let use know there is a demand. Semi-privates are available with as few as six people -- design your own group class (eg. Men's Pole, Sassy Seniors, teen strength training).
Wish to book a party? Click here for more information.

- - Suggested Curriculum - -

no level, optional, barefoot

complements any pole practice

Carefully crafted to enhance your pole progression quickly and efficiently at all levels, from beginner to seasoned pole athletes. Maximize your pole workout and gain more satisfaction out of your experience.


Not required but highly recommended.

Bring an exercise/yoga mat, water bottle, and towel.

Pole Conditioning

level 1, barefoot

8-week series for safety's sake

This is where the addiction begins, introducing you to the artistry of pole dancing - an empowering form of dance and movement designed to connect you with the sensual feminine spirit while getting in shape. The class will feature an introduction to beginner pole spins, tricks, and climbs and integrate transitional moves that combine the pole and dance into flow movement. You do not need to have any experience.

level 1.5, barefoot

shorts required

Focuses on conditioning and familiarity of climbing and pole sits.

Stay in this class until your bruise sites have developed tolerance and you've gained a hands-free pole sit or hands-free crucifix.

All students must wear shorts no longer than two inches at the inseam; sleeveless or tank top recommended. Come weekly to acclimate appropriately to the pole.

Pole Basics

Pole Climbing

level 2, optional, heels required

break in those exotic platforms

Learn to walk, crouch, & turn in your exotic platform shoes.

Combines basic pole movements into dance form. Flexibility is essential for pole development, so this class is suggested for all students. Heels are required. 

Utilizes both pole and floor flows without focusing on tricks to build fluidity in your dancing. The lower-body strengthening exercises will help tone and tighten to build strength on the pole.

level 2, heels optional

*confident* beginner

This beginner to intermediate level class is perfect for those who are building/perfecting their foundation in pole fitness. This class format focuses on spins, transitions, floor work, and movement around the pole and working towards inversions.


Each class includes a flowing warm up, pole curriculum/instruction, and ending in free dance/practice. This course is designed for those who want to reinforce and perfect technique in the basics of pole movement.

Pole Two

Exotic Flow

Beginner Heels

level 2.5, barefoot

demands a strong core

Using the strength developed thus far, we begin to defy gravity. Lower abdominal, shoulder, and basic inversion training taught here preps the student for Pole 3.


Repeatable until the student feels comfortable upside down and transitioning into and out of a basic invert, Gemini, Scorpio, and Superman.

Inverted crucifix recommended to graduate to Pole 3.

Invert Training

level 3, barefoot

must have strong single hand hold

You are a true pole addict now! This class is taught on a spinning pole.

You should be able to perform all beginner pole tricks with ease, including climbing and basic inversions.

Additional points of contact are emphasized as well as momentum control. 

At this level, students qualify for the Teacher Training Program.

level 3+, heels optional

high-intermediate polers only

This class teaches various pole tricks. Your instructor will show variations and conditioning moves if you are unable to do certain moves. It is required you can climb, sit hold and do basic inverts without or with little assistance before you can take this class.

Heels optional. Exposed skin is necessary! Please make sure you wear something that shows your arms, inner thighs, and waist.

Pole Spinning

Pole Tricks

level 3, heels optional

intermediate-level polers only

Inverting on the pole offers a full body workout, with greater emphasis on building abdominal and upper body strength. Beyond learning more inversions and climbs, this class draws on the spins and movements learned in previous classes to start putting together more complex sequences. Also introduced here are fewer points of contact (some even hands-free!)

These classes are lively, sexy, and fun! Recommended after 6+ months.

Pole Three

level 5, heels optional

spinning and static fortés

This class is open to those ready to start building up a repertoire of complex tricks. Your body will continue to transform as you generate more strength in your abs, core, and upper body while mastering different climbs, inversions, high flying acrobatic pole tricks, more difficult inversions, and powerful spins combos. There is no limit to the pole tricks you can try!

An emphasis on body awareness, safety, and specified points of contact will allow students to flow through multiple advanced inversions, spins, and drops. Combinations will take students from the floor to the ceiling, encouraging usage of the 13 feet of pole we have at DPF. The ability to climb to the ceiling with ease, comfortably invert in the air, and experience with spin pole required.

At this level, students qualify for the Teacher Training Program.



- - Optional Curriculum - -

level two, heels optional

kneepads, leggings, or socks recommended

Rolling around on the floor never felt so sexy!

This class will develop your fluidity with exotic-inspired floor & chair work and provide a sensual flow to leg work, spine, and hip stretches as well as rolls and undulations.

Elements of multiple dance styles make this an awesome flexibility practice and a nice core workout.

level two, heels required

get out of your comfort zone

This class is designed to teach women the art of nonverbal communication and how to speak with their body movements through sexy choreography. Using erotic moves, slow hip gyrations, and floor transitions… you will be taught to entice and entertain.

Requirements for this class is black attire (feel free to be sexy- bodysuits, fishnet, bralettes, etc) 

Butter or Filth?

Art of Seduction


level two, heels recommended

knee pads suggested and not provided


Students are guided through various movement & freestyle exercises. Many elements of this class are inspired by essential primal movements. We get down and dirty with some sexy floorwork! Bring kneepads & legwarmers… and most importantly, don’t forget to let your hair down for this class. Layered clothing works well in this class.


Students will be introduced to basic handstands & tumbling including shoulder rolls, cartwheels, headstands & handstands. Instructors will also challenge students to simple “floor phrases” to put some of these interesting movements together as an addition to your pole dancing routines. Recommended that students be able to do at least one (1) pull-up prior to attending this class.

level two, heels required

kneepads, leggings, or socks required

Come unleash your power in a fun choreography-based heels class. Members will work on heels techniques, lines, stage presence, floor work, and of course hair whips! But most importantly, explore the art of letting go and having fun. 


his class includes a short choreographed routine taught on static pole with a free flow portion at the end. Heels required. Knee pads recommended but not provided. 

Pole Flow

Ab Addict

All Levels, Conditioning Class

55 minutes, heels optional

Stop muffin top, nip your hips, and turn mush to muscle with this targeted workout. This class combines cardio, balance work, core conditioning & strength based moves sure to help you in your journey to chisel out your dream six-pack. 

For a stronger work out, bring your heels!

Stretch & Flex

All Levels, Conditioning Class

55 minutes, barefoot

Believe it or not, stretching actually releases endorphins! It also helps prevents injury, increases range of motion, balance, circulation, and energy... and, of course, makes you more flexible! Whether you are looking to relax your hard-worked muscles or want to push your body into deep stretching & contortion… this is the class for you! Great in conjunction with any leveled pole class.


Dress comfortably in yoga pants and a t-shirt; no shoes needed. Bring a yoga mat.

Booty Sculpt

All Levels, Conditioning Class

55 minutes, heels optional

Okay, you've starved yourself, done a million squats, and climbed more stairs than you can count. But you still don't have the supermodel booty you always wanted. 


We know how to work all three muscles in the butt. You'll feel the burn, but you'll be having so much fun, you'll forget you're working your butt off!

Afrobeat with Shera
All Levels, catered for women

barefoot recommended

A passionate fusion of dance, visualization, sensual movement, meditation, and celebration of the feminine form inspired by African, Tribal, and Free Dance interwoven with the sensual and the healing arts. Women experience new levels of freedom, deepen connection to self as they explore their inner rhythm, and awaken their senses through sound.

Bellydance with Lorelei

open level

accessories provided

Dance with energetic shimmies and slinky snake arms. This class focuses on the basic moves of Middle Eastern bellydance, with additional options and layers for experienced bellyancers. Topics include shimmies, undulations, hip bumps, snake arms, twists, circles, and figure eights. 

It is not necessary to bare your midriff to learn bellydance. Bring indoor dance shoes/ballet slippers if you are more comfortable in shoes (or you can dance barefoot). And more experienced dancers should bring their finger cymbals/zills.

Body Language with Shera

open level, resembles a hip hop heels class

for any heels


The most powerful form of communication is… Body Language! Your Body Language opens the window to your soul. In this dance class, you will learn the art of nonverbal communication! Using erotic moves, slow hip gyrations, and floor transitions… you will be taught to entice and entertain. This class is fun for all levels. (Stilettos, Tall Boots, Heels, or Thigh High stockings or socks required)

Burlesque with Vixen Vicious

open level

accessories provided


Becoming the ultimate showgirl starts here! Students of all ages, sizes, and genders welcome. Each class, students will learn a variety of dance steps, showgirl poses, dance combinations, and basic tricks to become the biggest tease. Students will be introduced to all types of burlesque movement, from slow and sensual to something more upbeat for sweaty/sexy hair tossing. Bring a pair of heels and get ready to shimmy, shake, and captivate with your new burlesque persona.

Chair Dance with Keke

open level

heels and kneepads suggested


Chair dancing allows all skill levels to exercise while unleashing their sassy side to a variety of music. Students will explore the art of letting go while learning choreography that incorporates a chair in fantastic ways.


So whether you are looking for some new moves to spice up your dance routines, ready to be the center of attention on the dance floor, or just need a new and exciting fitness routine (and a fun way to get in shape).... chair dance at Floorplay Studio is guaranteed to bring out your inner diva.

Pole Flow Workshops

All Levels, Conditioning Class

90 minutes, heels optional

knee pads suggested and not provided

  • Heel technique and tracing

  • Opportunities to strengthen freedancing

  • Floorwork skills & tricks

  • Low flow tricks

  • A new take on classic pole spins and tricks

  • Body isolations (leg waves, body rolls, etc.)

  • Musicality


This class is not for the absolute pole beginner. Must be comfortable executing basic pirouettes, spins, and some pole skills.


Heels. Legwarmers, long socks, or knee pads may be used for floorwork.

Art of the Tease Workshop

All Levels, Conditioning Class

120 minutes, barefoot

If you’ve ever wanted to captivate a person with the most minimal of movements, then this class is for you! In this two-hour workshop, Cora Christine will cover techniques that master elements of the tease, such as facial expression, eye contact, and glove/stocking peels. So if you’d like to learn from a performer how to hone in on your own skills of the tease - whether it’s for the stage or the bedroom - come join us!

Students are encouraged to wear shorts or a skirt, as well as shoes that fit their comfort level (high heels are preferable, but we can also accomplish the same movements barefoot). Students must also bring a pair of opera-length gloves, a pair of thigh-high stockings, and a zip-down hoodie/sweatshirt.

Exotic Flow Workshop

All Levels, Conditioning Class

90 minutes, any heels required

Wear ALL black and layers (hoodies, button-downs, extra tank tops, etc)

Set your inner goddess free! This class focuses on body awareness, confidence and conditioning, enhancing movements and fluidity and exploring the natural sensuality of a woman in a positive, empowering and comfortable atmosphere.

Begins with an intensive, sensual body resistance warm-up to tone and learn sexy transitions. The warm up is followed by lap dance and striptease technique and combos. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART: the end of class will include performing a routine on a fellow student.


Requirements for this class is black attire (feel free to be sexy- bodysuits, fishnet, bralettes, etc) and heels.

Playground (practice time)

All levels welcome

Drop-in only

Open studio time allows students to drop in at their convenience to practice your spins and tricks! Instructor will be present to spot, assist, and answer questions but this is NOT an instructor-led class and you will NOT be taught new tricks. You are responsible for your own warm up, your own skills to work on in your current registered level, and clean up after practice.

Pole Experience required.

For safety's sake, please do not try anything you have not previously learned.


Ticketed Event

Start filming your submission videos!

Guest Judges possible, depending on year.

On the face of it, is a competition. But it’s a competition where the only rule you are given is: tell a story in 3 minutes or less. Instructors determine the top 3 (or 4, in case of a tie) contestants based on performance quality, creativity, and execution. And the winner is selected by audience applause after a dance battle. There are no bonus points for doing the hardest move. There are no expectations on the difficulty level of the routine.

Teen Power

Ages 14-17

One Class per wk, 4, 6, or 8-week series

55 minutes


This will be a series for TEENS focusing on poise, posture, self-confidence, boundaries, and possessing your personal power as a blooming young woman. There will be at least as much psychological development as physical movement involved in these classes and strictly “PG 13.” Parents’ permission is required in order to do this class and we do allow parents (moms only!) to watch if they wish.


Popular Choice: 8-week series in the summertime

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