Solo Dance Classes ~ some classes are seasonal

Not a poler? No problem! Virtual and live, in-studio classes are available in multiple styles by various instructors. 
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barefoot recommended

catered to women

AfroBeat Dance

A passionate fusion of dance, visualization, sensual movement, meditation, and celebration of the feminine form inspired by African, Tribal, and Free Dance interwoven with the sensual and the healing arts. Women experience new levels of freedom, deepen connection to self as they explore their inner rhythm, and awaken their senses through sound.


Privates & Parties Only



all levels

heels optional


Becoming the ultimate showgirl starts here! Students of all ages, sizes, and genders welcome.


Each class, students will learn a variety of dance steps, showgirl poses, dance combinations, and basic tricks to become the biggest tease. Students will be introduced to all types of burlesque movement, from slow and sensual to something more upbeat for sweaty/sexy hair tossing.


Bring a pair of heels and get ready to shimmy, shake, and captivate with your new burlesque persona.

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barefoot recommended

Hip Hop

Hip hop class will be one hour of high-energy fun and full of sweat. Infusing the latest music and styles, you will pop, twerk, drop, and freestyle. Class will start with a fun warmup, leading to learning choreography to a song chosen by the instructor, and ending with showing the class your version of the choreo. Through class you will grow endurance, strength, and mindset to perform moves. You will be able to do things you never thought you could do, and you will love how you feel after every class. Each student is also a teacher; teaching the rest of the class how you would entertain if you were on stage.


open level

accesories provided

Belly Dance

Dance with energetic shimmies and slinky snake arms. This class focuses on the basic moves of Middle Eastern bellydance, with additional options and layers for experienced bellyancers. Topics include shimmies, undulations, hip bumps, snake arms, twists, circles, and figure eights. 

It is not necessary to bare your midriff to learn bellydance. Bring indoor dance shoes/ballet slippers if you are more comfortable in shoes (or you can dance barefoot). And more experienced dancers should bring their finger cymbals/zills.

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get ready to sweat

all-levels choreo

Cardio Party

Train your stamina so you truly can party all night! No elliptical machines, creepy gym dudes, or boring traditional routines allowed. Cardio Party is a high-energy dance fitness class that weaves twerky choreography with strength and balance training into your favorite Girl Power jams. Prepare to sweat! All genders and experience levels are welcome. Wear athletic attire. Bring water and a hand towel.

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open level

accessories provided

Hoop Dance

Hoop Dance class is a great form of fitness, fun, dance, and so much more. Anyone can do it! Wow your audiences. Wow your friends. In this mixed-level class you will learn the fundamental techniques to get your body moving in, around, outside, and through the hoop. You will learn tricks that will culminate in a finished routine, ready to perform. If you are not new to hoop, this is your chance to level up by learning movement from a professional performer. Not only will you learn new tricks but you will learn how to use them with style to accentuate the music you are dancing to. We will focus on artistry, routines, and improvisational dance to music. 


wear your favorite heel

time to get FIERCE

Body Language

Sweat it out and feel good about yourself as you unleash your inner Queen. Body Language is a powerful dance class that teaches sexy, hip swinging, hair-tossing choreography in your pumps. Participants of all shapes and sizes are welcome to join for some seductive fun -- wear whatever makes you fee sexy.
This is a beginner class for those with little or no experience.

Don't let "Heels" intimidate you - this class is about feeling comfortable and sexy in your own shoes.


open level

heels and kneepads suggested

Chair Dance

Chair dancing allows all skill levels to exercise while unleashing their sassy side to a variety of music. Students will explore the art of letting go while learning choreography that incorporates a chair in fantastic ways.


So whether you are looking for some new moves to spice up your dance routines, ready to be the center of attention on the dance floor, or just need a new and exciting fitness routine (and a fun way to get in shape).... chair dance at Floorplay Studio is guaranteed to bring out your inner diva.


check level on calendar

barefoot recommended


It's time to learn lots of new ways to bounce that booty while burning tons of calories. Slim you waist, tone your legs, and have fun! Never say you can't twerk until you've tried this class.

Learn all about twerk technique and get wobbling and dropping happening in at least four different positions. Specific conditioning is designed to level up your peachy skills and improve isolation and control. 

Bring water!