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Meet your Instructors

Ruth McConnell

Conditioning, Pole 4

Ruth has been emerged in the world of arts from the age of 4, beginning with ballet, tap, and jazz. She brings eleven years of instruction and competition to her teaching with concurrent yoga, ballroom dance, and fitness pursuits. She believes in movement as both a healing art and as a form of personal expression. There is a strong focus on correct alignment and form. Variations for poses and sequences allow for all levels to find an appropriate balance of challenge and comfort while developing inner awareness.


"No matter what shape, size, age, or skill level... everyone supports each other and becomes a family. It is important that the ladies taking a pole class feel comfortable with their bodies and external interpretation of who they are inside. If there is any way to help improve your self-awareness and confidence, I will strive to get you there."

Affliations: United States Pole Dance Federation & American Pole Fitness Association


Ruth is also available for private and semi-private instruction.

Contact me!

Becky "Lorelei" Sullivan

Becky has a background in K – 12 education and many years of music and dance training including: ballet, jazz, tap, flute instruction, concert band, chorus, Collegium Musicum, Gamelan, and community musical theater.  In 2005 she adopted the persona of “Lorelei” when starting her education in Middle Eastern Bellydance.  She performs monthly in restaurants in Harford Co Maryland.  Her teaching style, like her dancing style, is a mix of technique from Vintage Oriental, Gothic, Tribal, and Turkish bellydance with a large helping of creative flair.

Level 2- Technician in the Bohemian Blade Certification program
Suhaila Level 1 in the Salimpour School of Dance



Climbax, Chair Dance

I am a 2nd year pole dancing instructor with over 10 years of dance experience in ballet and pole dancing. As a hobby, I like to travel the world and dance at different pole dance studios in and out of the country. My background in dance allows for my teaching and choreography to be high-energy, detailed, fun, elegant, and even rachet. I get my inspiration from my students.


For a dancer, I am a thicker girl so I love teaching pole dance to women who never thought that they could do it because of their age or size. I dance for them. I dance to push the limits and I dance to grow.

Bex Lynn


Bex Lynn has been trained in dance since a young age and has translated those talents into burlesque and cabaret performance. As burlesque performer Vixen Vicious, she has performed all over the tri-state area as a part of the Asylum 13 Dark Angels and the Pastie-Kakes, as well as taking home the win as a solo performer in Season 4 of Philadelphia's Burlesque Battle Royale. She translates her love of performance into a sizzling, sparkling whole - and is ready to help you do the same!

Bex is also available for private and semi-private instruction.



Art of Seduction

A former exotic dancer from Tucson, Arizona, Emily moved to Delaware in 2017. She has taught multiple styles of dance such as hip hop and lyrical but has found her home in pole dancing after working at many different clubs throughout the state of Arizona. She loves to learn from her students and continues to grow as an artist through teaching.

Shamma Casson

Pole Tease / Beginner Heels

Shamma is a 10-year Pole Dance Enthusiast. She has competed in small, local competitions and performed in many showcases over the years. Her specialty is Pole Dance in exotic platform heels and slow, sensual movement. After a serious car accident in 2015, Shamma uses Pole Dance as a way of recovery. She hopes to inspire and educate everyone in her class.

Shamma is also available for private and semi-private instruction.



Pole Tricks

Adel first fell in love with pole dancing in 2011. However due to school, work, and moving around, she was not able to pole consistently until 2015 when she finally settled down in the greater Philadelphia area.  The majority of her training has been at Pole Haus (Philadephia, Pennsylvania) and she has also taken workshops with pole legends such as Michelle Natoli.  Her pole idols include Anastasia Skukhtorova, Daria Chebotova, Dirdy Birdy, Julia Wahl, and Karol Helms. 


Adel has a technical, sporty style, and loves any tricks or poses that incorporate her signature straddle flexibility.  What Adel loves most about pole dance is the fact that there is a place for everyone within the pole sphere. Whether one is graceful and fluid, sporty and athletic, or gifted with natural flexibility, there will always be a place for that person.


Since the birth of her baby boy in June 2018, she has been based out of northern Delaware. She is extremely excited to have found a pole studio local to her home and to be a part of the Elevations family.

Leondra Day

FEMME!, body awareness workshops, Feldenkrais

Leondra's mission for the past 12 years essentially focuses on helping improve the human condition in movement. Leondra exhibits her passion by educating each person on how to achieve their greatest potential: learning how to move more intelligently with an emphasis towards wellness  - Founding Lady Day Wellness Inc. 

Leondra continues to enjoy her relationships in the Gerontology community teaching her wellness and fitness classes. Seniors rapidly improve upon attending her ongoing group exercise classes. Improvement in balance, strength and flexibility supports their goals - security in movement. Her mission statement is giving back to this community what is lost; the freedom of movement without fear. 


Kandace - student teacher

Pole Basics, Climbing

Kandace here and welcome to my bio. I started pole October of 2017 and been practicing weekly ever since. Pole is a wonderful form of self expression, allowing everyone to be amazing in their own way. Come check me out in one of the many pole classes the studio has to offer.

Monique Claudio

Acroyoga, MELT method, MovNat

Monique's unique ability to cross disciplines and blend her years of experience working with lovely humans to live amazingly in their bodies gives her teaching and guidance a passion and a joy that takes your own relationship to your body to a transcendent level. Her unique ability will help you find out how what you thought you knew about your body is only the tip of the iceberg. She'll guide you to find a new freedom of athleticism and ease in everything you do! 



ASCM Certified Exercise Physiologist/Health Fitness Specialist


MELT method-Hand and Foot, Length, and Performance

EBFA Level1 Barefoot Training Specialist

AcroFit Certified Instructor

Aerial yoga Level 1 Instructor

Reiki 1 Practitioner

Certified Basic Thai massage

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