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Open Level Pole

Suggested to any-level females, $15 drop-in

60 minutes, heels are recommended

This is a mix level drop-in class designed for students of all levels.  This class focuses on pole technique, strength, and conditioning.  If you are looking to integrate pole into movement or performance please consider our 8-week series. Contact us for details on our next series enrollment dates. 

Men's Fitness 101 ​

Intro/Beginner Basics

Perhaps what you need is a challenge, something that doesn't involve complicated machines, bulky equipment or boring repetitions. A distinctive fitness experience like this does exist and it requires only yourself, a positive attitude and... a pole.


This course greatly focuses on improving your strength, co-ordination and stamina.

Teen Power ​

Ages 14-17

This will be a series for TEENS focusing on poise, posture, self-confidence, boundaries, and possessing your personal power as a blooming young woman. There will be at least as much psyhological development as physical movement involved in these classes and strictly “PG 13.” Parents’ permission is required in order to do this class and we do allow parents (moms only!) to watch if they wish.

Practice Hour​

All levels welcome

Drop-in only

Come in and practice your pole moves! For safety's sake, please do not try anything you have not previously learned. This practice hour is supervised.

Ladies' Intro to Pole​ (Pole 1)

Intro/Beginner Basics, $99 enrollment

One Class per week, Eight-week series = 8 hours total class time

60 Minutes, barefoot

This is where the addiction begins, introducing you to the artistry of pole dancing - an empowering form of dance and movement designed to connect you with the sensual feminine spirit while getting in shape. The class will feature an introduction to beginner pole spins and tricks and integrate transitional moves that combine the pole and dance into flow movement.  You do not need to have any experience.


Classes incorporate a fun & flirty warm up/cool down. We build dance work, transitions, floor work, and pole spins. Strength training and stretching will round out your exercise, providing you with a great workout that will increase your muscle tone and flexibility. 


All instructors are trained and qualified fitness professionals which gives them an edge in understanding muscle physiology and conditioning which will help you build upper body and core strength.  This class is the stepping stone to Beginner/ Intermediate Pole.


Ladies' Confident Beginner (Pole 2)

Beginner/Intermediate, $65 enrollment

One Class per week, Four-week series = 5 hours total class time

75 minutes, heels optional


This beginner to intermediate level class is perfect for those who are building/perfecting their foundation in pole fitness.  This class format focuses on spins, transitions, floor work and movement around the pole and working towards inversions. Each class includes a flowing warm up, pole curriculum/instruction, and ending in free dance/practice. This course is designed for those who want to reinforce and perfect technique in the basics of pole movement.

Intermediate (Pole 3)

Intermediate, $65 enrollment

One Class per week, Four-week series = 5 hours total class time

60 minutes, heels optional 


Pole 3 uses the strength that has been developed through Intro to Pole and Pole 2 to begin to defy gravity. Inverting on the pole offers a full body workout, with greater emphasis on building abdominal and upper body strength. Beyond learning basic inversions and climbs, this class draws on the spins and movements learned in previous classes to start putting together more complex sequences.


Recommended after 3-4 months

Stretch & Flex

All Levels, Conditioning Class

Qualifies for Unlimited Specialty Class Package

60 minutes, barefoot

Get those splits & backbends the right way! You will learn basic principles and drills which will set you on the right track to get flexible the right way & avoid injury. Also included are technical drills to improve your splits - and learn what NOT to do as well as WHAT to do. Learn the timing & how long to hold different types of stretches as well as the correct way to warm up before stretching to increase flexibility.

Pole Tease - Art of Seduction

Suggested to any-level females who have taken a beginner course

$60 enrollment

One Class per week, Four-week series = 4 hours total class time

60 minutes, heels recommended

Just LOVE to dance? This class focuses on dance technique with a few tricks and is perfect for all students who love routines. We will show you some variations of tricks you might already know and put them into new combinations before adding them a fully choreographed routine.

This class is essential for combining basic pole movements into dance form. Flexibility is essential for pole development, so this class is suggested for all students. Heels are recommended. 

Utilizing both pole and floor flows without focusing on tricks to build fluidity in your dancing and keep you moving! The lower-body and core-strengthening exercises will help tone and tighten as well as build strength that will help with on-the-pole moves. 

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